The Yamaha FZS 25 price is almost 27000 rupees cheaper than the Bajaj Dominar 250, What should you buy? -Yamaha FZS 25 Vs Bajaj Dominar 250, Features, Price, Power, Compression


Bajaj Dominar 250 is priced at rupees 181850 ex-showroom Delhi, whereas the Yamaha FZS 25 is priced at rupees 154400 ex-showroom Delhi. so, we can clearly see a price difference of almost rupees 27000 which is significant, hares’s what extra the Dominar 250 is trying to offer to justify its higher price tag.

Design and Features

Intram of design and looks both the bike looks muscular and feel like a big bike. Bajaj Dominar 250 weighs 180 kilos which makes it 27 kgs heavier than the Yamaha FZS 25, so the FZS 25  enjoys the weight advantage which is why it feels more responsive and offers better pick-up right off the mark. Talking about the chassis the Dominar 250  gets the same beam perimeter frame as the Dominar 250  has, so the handling is awesome it would have been better if it had also borrowed the aluminum swingarm from the d Dominar 400. However, it still feels more planted and sure-footed and the perimeter frame surely does its job well. The FZS 25 in terms of handling in terms of suspension the Dominar 250 gets 37 mm USD forks up front which do offer a superb front-end feel. the Yamaha FZS 25 has chunky 41mm conventional telescopic front forks which also offer a superb front-end feel, and good ride quality at lower speeds at the same time they offer great confidence and stability even at triple-digit speeds.


Talking about the brakes Dominar again comes out victorious by offering a massive 300 mm front disc and dual-channel abs as standard, the Yamaha FZS on the other hand offers a 282 mm front disc and the FZS also gets dual-channel abs, but the larger 300 mm front disc on the Dominar 250 does inspire greater confidence and offers better bite and feedback. in terms of tires, both bikes do not offer radial tires both the bikes offer MRF tires, but the FZS 25  offers a 140-section rear tire whereas the Dominar 250 offers only a 130-section rear tire which is a major lead down, the 130-section rear tire doesn’t do justice to the kind of handling the Dominar 250 has on offer courtesy of the perimeter frame it comes with so in terms of road grip the  FZS 25  is slightly better. the speed of the console here the Dominar 250 is better because the speed of the display is larger, and it is clearer compared to the negative display that we get with the FZS 25. the fonts in the display on the Yehama FZS   are not clear when you are riding right underneath the sun in broad daylight. The tank capacity of the Dominar 250 offers a 13-liter tank whereas the Yamaha FZS 25 offers a 14-liter tank.

Power and Performance

Powering the Bajaj Dominar 250 is a 248.77cc single cylinder 4 strokes 4 valves liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine with the DOHC layout, that puts out 27PS of max power at 8500rpm, and 23.5-newton meters of max torque at 6500rpm, and Dominar 250 has a six-speed gearbox, when we compare this with that of the Yahama FZS 25 powering by a 249cc  single-cylinder four-stroke two-valve air-cooled fuel-injected engine, that puts out 20.8 ps of max power at 8000 rpm, and 20.1-newton meters of max torque at 6000 rpm, it has a 5-speed gearbox.


We can see here that in almost every aspect the Dominar 250 is well ahead and far superior. The very first point is that the Dominar 250 gets a six-speed gearbox whereas the FZS 25 is limited to a five-speed gearbox. So the fzs25 is concentrating more on the initial pickup and the mid-range surge whereas the domain is concentrating more on offering better top-end performance. The Bajaj Dominar 250 has a 4-valve engine when compared to the 2-valve engine of the FZS 25 this means better top-end performance and the engine doesn’t feel strained even at higher RPMs.

The bike revs cleanly and effortlessly and performs well even when you push it to the limits. the f FZS 25 because it gets a two-valve engine is not all that great when it comes to top-end performance. Bajaj Dominar also gets liquid cooling whereas the FZS 25 gets oil cooling, which means again Dominar offers a far more superior and effective cooling system. Both bikes have fuel injection as standard, so the fuelling is good and consistent with superb refinement and crisp throttle response on both bikes. The initial torque or pickup is better on the FZS 25 when compared to the Dominar 250 which takes a little more time to wake up, mid-range performance is good for both bikes but again here FZS 25 feels slightly better.

Riding Ergonomics

The riding ergonomics of both bikes offer a nice and comfortable upright seating posture, and the suspension setup is good on both the bikes, but the Yamaha FZS 25 is lighter so it doesn’t wear you down even after you’ve been riding the bike all day long the Dominar 250 is slightly on the heavier side so you might feel a little fatigued after riding it for a while, but the Dominar 250 has yet another trick up its sleeve it offers an anti-hopping slipper clutch which prevents the rear wheel from locking and hopping while doing faster downshift. The Fz-250, however, doesn’t have a slipper clutch. In terms of build quality, the Dominar 250 really feels solidly built not that the Yamaha FZS  isn’t well built, but the Dominar 250 just overshadows the FZS 25  because we get the same rereview mirrors with aluminum stocks as the Dominar 400 also we get the superior quality. Dominar 250 offers a superb road presence when compared to the FZS 25. It looks bigger and looks more attractive. mileage the FZS might be slightly inch ahead here because it is lighter but still, I feel we can expect close to 35kmpl from both bikes.

Bajaj Dominar 250 Vs Yamaha FZS 25 Price Difference

Bajaj Dominar 250 is priced at rupees 181850 ex-showroom Delhi whereas the Yamaha FZS 25 is priced at rupees 1,54,400 ex-showroom Delhi. Yamaha FZS 25 price is almost 27000 rupees cheaper than Bajaj Dominar 250 and for that extra money, Bajaj Dominar 250 offers a way lot more like a liquid cooling four-valve engine DOHC layout, better road presence, and better build quality


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