Bajaj Pulsar N160 could be the best bike, for those who are looking for a daily city commuter with Style and safety


Bajaj launched the Pulsar N160, the younger sibling of the Pulsar N250, for those who are looking for a daily city commuter with Style and safety

Bajaj Pulsar N160 Design and Features

In terms of looks and design, the Pulsar N160 looks just like the N250 and it has many things carried over from the elder sibling. In the front Bajaj pulsar N160 get a led projector headlamp with twin led drls but the pulsar N160 gets a halogen bulb on indicators and just like the N250 pulsar N160 also gets 37mm telescopic forks in the front with adjustable monoshock in the rear.


The Pulsar N160 also comes with the same 100 by 80 section mrf tire mounted on the 17-inch black alloy wheels in the front and a 130 by 70 section mrf tire on the 17-inch alloy wheel in the rear. The Pulsar N160 comes with an option of single channel abs and dual channel abs which is the first in this segment, in The front disc is 300 mm and the rear one is 230 mm by grimaker. The Bajaj pulsar N160 gets the same semi-instrument cluster with a big analog tachometer in the center, on the right side of the digital speedometer, it has a gear position indicator, fuel gauge and then it has multiple information like distance to empty, odometer, trip meter trip 2 meters and the time with that there are multiple warning lamps and indicators, on the left and the top. At the rear are the same twin-led taillight and bolt-on indicators. The Pulsar N160 weighs 154 kg and has a ground clearance of 165mm, Pulsar N160 gets the same split step-up seat just as you see on the N250. The Pulsar N160 also has a big underbelly exhaust nothing hanging from the side it bassier just like the N250. From the side profile as well it looks just like the N250 the graphics are the same, the bodywork is the same it is completely the same bike with a smaller engine.

Bajaj Pulsar N160 Engine and Performance

The Bajaj pulsar N160 is powered by a 165cc sohc2 valve which is oil-cooled and fuel-injected and comes with a 5-speed gearbox.


Bajaj says that this engine utilizes the same platform as the N250s engine but is built new almost everything inside has changed. This new 165cc engine generates a maximum power of 16 ps at around 9000 rpm and has a peak torque of around 15 newton meters at 6500 rpm. In terms of refinement, this engine is a tree to ride with a good low end and mid-range however the top end is almost flat and I slightly feel that the pickup is really good. Talking about the top speed of the pulsar N160 is 110km to 120km per hour, which is impressive considering the 160cc engine but you can’t sustain such triple-digit speeds on the highway for a long time hence it is much more suitable for City use.

Bajaj Pulsar N160 Ride Quality

Bajaj pulsar N160 seat height is 795mm which means the average Indian can easily get both of my feet on the ground and the saddle is very comfortable just like the N250. The Ride Quality of the Pulsar N160 is just like the N250. It has got the same spacious and wide seat with a slightly low set handlebar and rear set foot pegs for a sporty stance. overall it maintains comfort and despite being an entry-level Sports motorcycle it is good for City use.


The engine is buttery smooth, and there are no vibrations when utilizing it in City, Definitely, when you push it to the red line some vibrations creep in on the handle and foot pegs but that’s totally fine, it’s not just the engine the gearbox of the N160 has been twigged to be fit for this 160CC motorcycle. The gears are smooth and the gearing ratios have to be used in the city, the clutch operation is also light and you will have no issues in stop-and-go traffic. The rear suspension is set on a stiffer side and the front forks are on a softer side taking care of the city potholes with ease and also maintaining a perfect balance while going into the corners. The Pulsar N160 is meant for those who are looking for Style and safety while maintaining good fuel efficiency. The Pulsar N160 has a 14-litre fuel tank it will give you 45km to 50km mileage per litre of petrol. The Pulsar N160 has dual-channel ABS which is the first in the 160cc segment and it definitely works well and it enhancing Rider’s confidence.

Bajaj Pulsar N160 Price

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 Price starts at Rupees 122854 for the single channel Abs and if you want extra safety then you can buy dual Channel Abs which starts at Rupees 1,30,560 ex-showroom Delhi. and if you need extra power you can pay 20000 rupees more and get the N250 for better power and performance. The Pulsar N160 is meant for those who are looking for Style and safety while maintaining good fuel efficiency. The bike is meant to be ridden in the city for most of the time only.

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