Yezdi Roadster could be a great alternative buy for the Royal Enfield lover-Yezdi Roadster price, mileage, top speed, engine specs, all color options


Yezdi’s entire lineup was born to compete with the Royal Enfield. Yezdi Roadster is the most affordable motorcycle out of the three Yezdi, and it comes out as an alternative to the Royal Enfield Classic 350 as well as the Meteor 350.


Yezdi Roadster look and features

The Yezdi Roadster comes with old-school classic retro looks, at the front Yezdi Roadster has the LED headlight setup, accompanied by the LED indicators which look premium, and has the Yezdi badging on the headlight. The overall front look of the Yezdi Roadster looks premium. The roadster has telescopic forks in front and twin shockers in the rear. The tire size of the Yezdi roadster is a beautiful set of 18-inch front and 17-inch rear alloy wheels which have the Yezdi bagging and come with the MRF gripping. Talking about the side panel of this motorcycle it is much inspired by the Jawa but this one looks bigger and bolder.


Talking about the fuel tank you can see in the picture, that the Roadster has an old-school look which will give a vintage feel, when we look at the design of the tank you will get the same retro vibes from the gripping on the tank and the shape it has you will get the retro feeling. Yezdi roadster has a 12.5-litre fuel tank and the mileage of the Yezdi roadster is somewhere around 30kmpl to 35kmpl. The roadster and the scrambler have the same fuel tank of 12.5 litres only the adventure gets a 15-litre fuel tank. The fuel tank capacity could have been better at least if they had given us a 15-litre fuel tank. It would have been much easier to make a single stretch without any hall during the long ride.  The roadster gets this LCD speedometer which looks premium on this motorcycle but this one misses out on a few features like turn-by-turn navigation like the Royal Enfield Meteor has. Apart from that, the Yezdi roadster is the only bike that has similar twin exhaust ports coming directly from the engine and has the twin exhaust setup like the Jawa 42 and it has the bash plate below the engine, which gives sufficient protection to the engine.

Yezdi Roadster Engine Specifications

The Yezdi roadster has a 334 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which produces 29.1 ps of power and 29 nm of torque accompanied by a six-speed gearbox. The engine is borrowed from Jawa Perak but it is different from Perak. the engine is differently tuned from Jawa Perak but the roadster is more pleasant to ride a motorcycle than the scrambler and the adventure. The Yezdi roadster can go top speeds up to 130kmph to 140kmph. The best part of the engine is you don’t feel any vibration at 100kmph to 110kmph which is the comparable cursing speed.


The seat height of the Yezdi Roadster is  790 mm, if your height is 5’5” or more than that you can comfortably ride this motorcycle. The roadster is more focused on long-riding rather than off-roading. So the roadster is more focused on the city and the highway riding. The ground clearance of the Yezdi roadster is 175 mm. The overall weight of the Yezdi roadster is 184 kg which is on the lighter side when we compare it to the competitors like the Royal Enfield classic which is still on the heavier side weighing 190 plus. The lightweight helps you in better maneuverability in heavy traffic and will give you a comfortable ride. Talking about braking, the Yezdi roadster has a 320 mm disc and in the rear, you get a two mm disc that has the vibrator braking. The roadster comes with dual-channel abs and it only gets the dual-channel abs apart from that it can only navigate through Trip A Trip B and the odometer on the scrambler and the adventure you can go through the three abs modes but the roadster misses out on the modes feature

Yezdi roadster price

The price of the Yezdi Roadster starts from rupees 2.06 lakh ex-showroom and goes up to rupees 2.12 lakh ex-showroom depending on what color you choose this one is the most affordable of all three Yezdi. Yezdi Roadster comes in a total of eight color options, you can choose from Dual Tone Crimson, Dark Inferno Red, Dark Glacial White, Dark Smoke Gray, Dark Hunter Green, Dark Steel Blue, color and two Chrome options which are Sin Silver, and Gallant Grey, Overall the Yezdi roadster is a really good package and this is fun to ride motorcycle with a very good price tag, if you look closely it does justify its price tag.

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