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After the successful run of Jawa in the Indian two-wheeler market, The classic legends now decided to revive the iconic brand, The Yazdi. If you are a bike lover like me, you may already be aware of all the three classic-looking bikes launched by the brand Yazdi, which are the Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi Roadster and Yezdi Scrambler. Yezdi Scrambler is the only fully Scrambler bike in the 350 cc segment.


Yezdi Scrambler Looks

The overall look of the Yezdi Scrambler, it comes with a modern and retro look, in the front, it has mud flaps which gives a dirt bike look, and the rear looks a bit naked motorcycle just like the scrambler. Yezdi Scrambler comes with 41 mm front shocks and in the rear, it has pre-adjusted two shockers which gives a retro look.


At the front, the bike has a  led headlamp setup which has the Yezdi badging, with that it has the led indicators. and in the rear has a led tail lamp which is inspired by the Perak and looks actually good. The instrumental cluster is all single digital units and shows all of the information that you need except the GPS navigation, which you buy as accessories. The Yezdi scrambler comes with a factory-fitted USB c port for charging your electronic gadgets, it’s a great addition to Yezdi. Apart from that Yezdi scrambler comes with two beautiful-looking exhausts and it sounds nice too.

Yezdi scrambler Engine specs

Talking about the engine specs, the Yezdi scrambler comes with a 334cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. The engine is borrowed from the Jawa Perak, but the engine is differently tuned.


This 334cc engine produces 29.1 ps of power and 28.2 nm of torque. The top speed of the Yezdi scrambler is 135kmph to 140kmph. Yezdi scrambler has a 12.5-litre fuel tank. The fuel tank could have been bigger like 15 litres as we will take this motorcycle for off-roading or on the highway so a 15 litre would have been a good option on this motorcycle. There is no official claim for Yezdi scrambler mileage but you can expect 30-35km per litre of petrol.

Yezdi scrambler Rideability

Talking about ride comfort, the seat of this bike you can see in the pictures looks retro. It is a bit elevated and has these rollover seat covers on it. The seat height of the Yezdi scrambler is 800 mm. If your height is 5.7 you can ride comfortably.  The handlebar is set in the upright position and actually gives you a really commanding posture while riding this motorcycle. Other than that the Yezdi scrambler weighs 180kgs which is actually good if we talk about the competitors like the Royal Enfields this is good in its weight segment. Yezdi scrambler comes with a single speedometer which is shifted on the right side of the headlight. The scrambler comes with three abs modes which are the road rain and the off-roading mode. Yezdi scrambler is good for both your city and the highway rides plus the off-roading sessions, as well the front wheel get the spoke wheels and with that, you get multi-purpose MRF tires which are absolutely good for off-roading and the highway rides as well, with that we get the dual channel abs plus you get the switchable abs as well with three modes.


Yezdi scrambler Price in India

The Yezdi scrambler price starts from 2.05 lakh ex-showroom a really good price to buy this motorcycle, The Yezdi offer dual-tone midnight blue, mean green, rebel red and single tone fire orange, yelling Yellow and outlaw olive. We do not have any competitor of the scrambler yet in India and especially in the 300 segments there is no company which is there to compete with this motorcycle and the price tag is actually really good.

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