Yezdi Adventure is a better option over Royal Enfield Himalayan, Yezdi Adventure price, mileage, top speed

Yezdi Adventure was born to rival the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Yezdi adventure broke the monopoly of Royal Enfield Himalayan for the first time and added one more option for adventure lovers in the Indian two-wheeler market.


Yezdi Adventure Design

The overall design of the Yezdi adventure is quite similar to the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Yezdi adventure is built on a double-cradle frame, in the front Yezdi adventure has the full led headlamp setup with the led turn indicators, Yezdi adventure gets the telescopic forks in the front and the 180mm rear mono-shock, Out of the three Yezdi motorcycles, only the adventure has the mono-shock and the other two has a free gas charge shocker.


Yezdi Adventure comes with a 21-inch front and the 17-inch rear wheel, which is also similar to the Royal Enfield adventure,  with that it has a 320mm front disc and the 240 mm rear disc that is equipped with dual-channel abs. The speedometer of Yezdi adventure is different from the scrambler and the adventure. The speedometer looks pretty impressive as well, it has two different parts like Himalaya has one for trip meter, it shows tan of info such as speed, fuel gauge odometer etc, and another one for turn by turn navigation. The best part of Yezdi adventure is it comes with a USB port as standard, which means you don’t need to find the aftermarket solution for charging your electronic device while on a long highway ride. Yezdi adventure has a single side exhaust, the scrambler and the roaster get the double exhaust but only the adventure has a single side exhaust.

Yezdi adventure Engine

The engine of Yezdi adventure looks quite similar to the older Yezdi and you will get a vintage feel. The Yezdi adventure is powered by a 334 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which produces 29.7 ps of power and 29.9.nm of torque. The engine is a really smooth engine which is really helpful for your highway ride.


Yezdi adventure has a six-speed gearbox which is really helpful when you do highway riding.  It will not feel stressed out on a long ride when we compare the royal Enfield Himalayan. talking about the top speed of the Yezdi adventure it can reach 140kmph to 145kmph. The Royal Enfield Himalayan got a better initial on the other hand Yezdi adventure has a refined engine and gets a six-speed gearbox which has the upper hand over the Himalayan. The Yezdi adventure has a ground clearance of 220mm and gets the bash plate below the engine that will give the engine sufficient protection during the off-roading session.

Yezdi Adventure Rideability

The Yezdi adventure comes with a single-seat, unlike the royal Enfield Himalayan split seat. The seat height is 815 mm which is 15 mm taller than the Royal Enfield Himalayan and you will not feel like this is a big bike. If your height is more than 5’7” you can sit and ride this motorcycle comfortably. The Yezdi adventure has three abs modes, one the rain, second the road and the off-roading mode.


The braking response is really good and when you talk about the tires you get the seat gripping on the adventure. The weight of the Yezdi adventure is 188 kgs which is again lighter than the royal Enfield Himalayan and it is very useful when you do the city manoeuvre or ride it on the highway.  talking about the fuel tank of the roadster and the scrambler both the bike has 12.5 litres but the adventure has the best fuel tank among the three motorcycles the Yezdi adventure has a 15.5-litre fuel tank and the mileage of the Yezdi adventure is somewhere 30kmpl to 35kmlp, which means you don’t stop multiple time for refuelling in the long ride.

Yezdi Adventure Price

The price of the Yezdi adventure starts from 2.09 lakh Rupees in ex-showroom India, whereas Royal Enfield Himalayan starts from 2.25 lakh rupees in ex-showroom. Yezdi also offers lots of accessories: leg guards, jerry cans holder, which can carry five litres on both sides then the pannier carriers and you get these boxes which are 20 litres, all these accessories will cost you approximately about 51000 rupees. Yezdi adventure comes with two different colour schemes, the first one is a black colour with red stripes it’s called mambo black and the second one is of silver colour with blue stripes named slick silver.

Overall all Yezdi adventure is a pretty good alternative option over the Royal Enfield Himalayan, it has the same classic look feel as like the Himalayan has apart from that the bike pumps out a decent amount of power and it’s really good for your highway riding as well as off-road ride, Royel Enfiled knows for his service network if you breakdown any time you can service anywhere in India.

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  1. the errors upset me more than the fact that it was probably paid for advertising by yezdi ( I am a Himalayan owner). whyever dont they check the script before publishing

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