Yamaha MT15 Version 2.0, India’s sportiest bike you can buy under 2 lakhs rupees on road

After the Yamaha r15 version iv, Yamaha launched India’s sportiest bike Yamaha r15’s naked version MT15 Version 2.0.


Yamaha MT15 Version 2.0 design updates


The design of the Yamaha mt15 Version 2.0 remains pretty much the same back when the first model was launched.


The bike was being offered with telescopic front forks and a box section swingarm to keep costs in check, in this new version of mt 15 2.0, Yamaha has addressed this issue as the version 2.0 now spots chunky golden upside-down forks and the cast aluminium swingarm that we see on the Yamaha’s r15. The 2022 Yamaha mt15 2.0 comes with colour options available with updated graphics which are Metallic Black, Racing Blue Cyan Storm and  Ice Fluo- Vermillion, that increase the bike’s overall appeal. The new Yamaha mt15 has the same sharp and sleek design, the only thing that does not go well is the dated indicator units nevertheless sleeker indicator units are available as part of the accessories at an extra cost. 


Yamaha MT15 Version 2.0 Power and Performance


2022 Yamaha mt15 Version 2.0 is powered by a 155cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, and this 155cc engine develops 18.4 horsepower at 10000 rpm and a peak torque of 14.1 nm at 7500 rpm, compared to the previous model this one makes 0.1 horsepower less and the torque has gone up by 0.2 nm. In the new 2022 mt15 2.0  the engine refinement level is superb and the power delivery is linear and you can feel it get into its element at around 6000 rpm a few vibrations are felt once the bike is being revved over 8500 rpm, but it was not something that bothered me so much even though this engine has been built keeping the spotty nature of the motorcycle. The mt15 2.0 it is surprisingly tractable its able to cruise at low speeds of around 35 kilometres an hour in the city, in sixth gear with no misbehaviour from the engine for swift overtakes all that is needed is a quick downshift from the slick 6-speed gearbox. 



The bike places a rider upright with their legs in a slightly aggressive position on the sporty rear set footpegs. Overall this is a really compact motorcycle and those shot in stature will easily be able to access the ground, thanks to a seat height of 810 millimetres. The handlebars are closer to the rider because of the tiny 10-litre fuel tank which allows one to cover longer distances without breaking, talking about the mileage of Yamaha mt15 Version 2.0 you can get 45km to 50km per litter of petrol. The mt-15 makes use of the delta box frame from the r15 which gives the bike its super rigidity and balance.  The new USD front forks of the bike are now even more confidence-inspiring to ride. you will get great feedback from the front end while attacking corners and flicking the motorcycle from one side to another.  The cast aluminium swingarm combined with the rear shock also plays an important role in how stable the bike. The front brake has good bite and is ample to get the mt-15 to a complete stop when necessary although if you look at the price it would have been nice to have a variant with dual channel abs considering the safety of newer riders. The bike also misses out on the quick shifter and the traction control system that was recently introduced on the new r15 on an 18.4 horsepower machine.


Yamaha MT15 Version 2.0 Price


The Yamaha mt15 Version 2.0 is priced between 1.60 and 1.61 lakh ex-showroom depending on the colour option, this makes it around rupees 13000 more expensive than its provisions generation mt15. also, keep in mind Yamaha mt15 2.0 is the sportiest bike that you can buy for under 2 lakhs rupees on road in the Indian two-wheeler market. With this amount of extra money you get a more exciting motorcycle especially because of how it tackles a set of corners with the sporty r15-derived upgrades, it is also a more practical motorcycle than the r15 in the city and on the highway as well. this new 2022 mt15 has a lot to do with the comfort that it offers and how effortless it is to ride around town, and another plus point of picking the mt15 is that you will be saving around rupees 20000 compared to the top-end variant of the new r15.

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