Tired of the increasing petrol price? Bring home Revolt RV, runs 150 km on a single charge

The revolt RV 400 India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle,  considering the increasing pollution levels and the insanely high petrol prices, everyone is desperately looking for an alternate source of fuel. The revolt comes from the makers of Micromax, a brand that really gives some of the mobile Giants or runs for their money. so we need to stand up and salute their efforts because they have taken the initiative to create a new revolution by giving us the first practically usable electric production motorcycle.


Revolt RV design

Revolt RV  looks quite intriguing and quite convincing, the bike looks like a well-made street fighter bike. The bike has an LED projector lamp with drls which offer a futuristic and premium look. The revolt rv is built on a lightweight frame, it feels sturdy and tough. the  Rv Comes with usd folks at the front and at the rear, it has a mono-shock with a perfectly laid out swing arm for the rear wheel, which offers great straight-line stability and manoeuvrability on city traffic.

The tail section is sharp and sleek and the tail lamp comes beautifully encapsulated as well as the LED turn indicators. The speed of the console revolt is well lit up, it offers good visibility even when riding right underneath the Sun. It shows the speed, the range, the battery percentage, riding mode, clock and ambient temperature as well. Overall the bike looks beautiful as they light up, the seat is made up of good quality foam and it gives good riding comfort it also offers adequate room for the riders and for the pillion. The handlebar is perfectly laid out and the footpegs are ideally positioned which offers a comfortable upright seating posture. Apart from that Revolt, RV has a mass centralization concept wherein the heavy battery weighing nearly 19 kgs is hide mounted centre, which enhances the centre of gravity it also enhances the balance control and riding dynamics in all riding conditions.

Revolt RV power and range

The Revolt  RV 400 is powered by a 72 volt or 3.2 kilowatt- lithium-ion battery and a 3-kilowatt mid-drive motor. The motor is capable of generating 170 Newton meters of torque coupled with belt drive, which provides for hassle-free maintenance compared to the chain driver motorcycle.seat height is 814 mm which is manageable for average height riders and the ground clearance is 215 mm which is again more than sufficient. The carrying capacity of Revolt RV 400 is for two persons or a maximum of 150 kgs.

Revolt RV400 VS RV300

Revolt RV is available in two variant options RV 400 and RV 300. the major difference between the two is that the RV 300 offers slightly lesser performance. the Revolt RV 300 offers a top speed of 85 km/h it offers a top speed of 65 km/h however it charges fully in 4.2 hours compared to 4.5 hours of the RV 400 and the zero to 75% charging happens in three hours and it also offers more range to elaborate we again have three modes.  The Eco mode offers an unbelievable range of 180 kilometres but the top speed here is limited to just 25 km/h in the normal mode the range comes down to 110 kilometres but the top speed goes up to 45 km/h and finally, in the sports mode it offers a top speed of 65 km/h but the range comes down to 80 kilometres.


The battery in the RV 300 is a 60 volt or 2.7-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery as opposed to the 72-volt 3.24-kilowatt-hour battery. the hub motor powering the RV 300 is a 1.5-kilowatt unit compared to the 3 kilowatt unit on the RV 400 the seat height is higher on the RV 300 at 856 mm compared to 814 mm on the RV 400 ground clearance is also higher at 225 mm compared to 215 mm of the RV 400. The RV 300 weighs 7 kgs less tipping the scale at 101 kgs as opposed to the RV 400 which weighs in at 108 kgs.

Revolt RV price and availability

The Revolt RV is currently on sale in a few selected cities only which are  Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai to begin with volt motors claims that the bike will be launched in other major cities phase-wise. Talking about the price of Revolt Rv,   you buy the Revolt RV in three unique EMI-based buying options called my revolt plan, The RV 400 is available at 3499 rupees per month for 37 months and the premium package costs 3919 for 37 months and the RV 300 is available for just 2999 per month for 37 months. Now this introductory offer includes an unlimited battery warranty of eight years or 1.5 lakh kilometres maintenance is free for the first three years or thirty thousand kilometres.

Revolt provides a product warranty of five years or 75 thousand kilometres and we also get insurance one year from the company or then and we get five years of third-party insurance. The Revolt also claims that this is not a rental or lease plan but that it offers full ownership to the customer right from day one. You can book the Revolt bike online by visiting their official website.

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