Royal Enfield Scram 411, price, top speed, ergonomics, engine, colours, mileage

The Indian most loving motorcycle brand Royal Enfield has launched the company’s first product of 2022 named  Himalayan Scram 411. The new Royal Enfield Scram 411 is positioned as a scrambler but its main job is to be an urban commuter and on weekends you can go and have fun on various adventure trails.

 Himalayan Scram 411 design and styling

The Royal Enfield scram 411 looks like the Himalayan, the Royal Enfield scram 411 is based on the Himalayan, the majority of the design and styling lines are from the adventure but there are some changes that make the scrum look. Talking about what has changed on this new Himalayan scram 411. The scram doesn’t get any windscreen nor does it get a metal frame that joins the fuel tank and the headlamp unit.

The headlamp unit is positioned a bit lower to give it a more urban look there’s a small panel sitting close to the fuel tank with the Royal Enfield branding, the front wheel is a 19-inch unit while on the Himalayan you get a 21-inch wheel. so with the use of a new wheel you get 20 mm less ground clearance .apart from that you have a completely new rider and pillion feet this is a single seat and slightly more comfortable as well. The rear grab handle as well as these differences contribute to giving the scram a different look and character though it might not look as intimidating as the donor model in its own ways, the scram manages to look.


Royal Enfield scram 411 is equipped with an analogue speedometer that has a decent-looking background, the unit is from the meteor 350, but the outer ring colour has been changed from silver to black there’s a small LCD display unit that shows the various ride information, you should also know that none of the scram variants gets tripper navigation as standard the one you see here is an optional accessory and can be fitted at the time of delivery.

The rest of the parts like the suspension brakes, tires and bulk lights have been borrowed from the Himalayan, what hasn’t been borrowed is the switchable abs system. The Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 gets a dual channel system but keep in mind this new scram 411 doesn’t have the option to switch the abs at the rear to have some slight fun, also the bike doesn’t get a USB charging option.

Scram 411 engine 

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 comes with the same 411cc single-cylinder, 4 strokes, air-cooled SOHC fuel injection engine which is also found on the Himalayan, and the power figures are the same as Himalayan. The engine delivers 24.3 bhp of maximum power at 6500RPM which is backed up with 32 nm peak torque at 4250RPM and the engine comes made into a five-speed transmission.

The royal Enfield claims that they haven’t made any change to the gearing as such but they have tuned this engine to match the character of this motorcycle, while the engine has been tuned differently the gearing is carried forward as is also the half-duplex split cradle frame from the Himalayan is used without any notable modifications, this has been implemented to give the scram its sibling’s proven adventure capabilities. The scram  411 doesn’t feel very different compared to the Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 ride ergonomics

The overall ergonomics of this new Royal Enfield Scram 411, the sitting and the stand-up triangle of the Himalayan are extremely comfortable, but for the Himalayan Scram 411, there have been some changes done to the motorcycle to make it more urban-friendly. The overall seat height has gone down by 5mm thanks to the 19-inch front wheel, now the seat height of Scram 411 is 800mm, and it is much easier to get on the bike.

There is a changing seating triangle as well because the handlebar is almost 60 mm lower and also 20 mm closer this has been done to the raider and it makes the city riding easier to hold the handlebar the arms are positioned nicely and parallel to the ground. However, this change in handlebar position has made stand-up riding a little uncomfortable, especially for taller riders you have to bend a little more and this could result in quicker fatigue off-road. The Scram 411 is being positioned every day, In fact, the Scram 411 is almost 5 kgs lighter than the Himalayan.


The overall weight of scram 411 is 185 kgs, being its lightweight motorcycle the engine pulls differently while the Himalayan has a punchy low end the scram feels rather linear. Talking about the high speed, this new scram can go up to 130 kilometres per hour and you can comfortably cruise at 120 on the highway.

The scram 411 has Himalayan DNA so it is bound to work in the dirt, the bike is easy to ride off-road it doesn’t feel out of place with that 19-inch front wheel in fact the scram can do everything that the Himalayan does. The Royal Enfield scram feels at home in the dirt thanks to its credible suspension setup while the front gets a 41 mm fork with 190 mm travel the rare mono-shock. The use of a smaller front wheel has reduced the ground clearance now the ground clearance of scram 411 is  200 mm which is good enough for off-road riding. The scram 411 simply glides over everything that you can throw at it. The smaller front wheel makes it more fun and more capable machine.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Price

The price of the Royal Enfield Scram 411 strat from 2.03 lakhs rupees at ex-showroom and it is possibly one of the coolest looking motorcycles sold in India, and we say this because of the kind of colour options, the brand has chosen for the bike they are GRAPHITE YELLOW, WHITE FLAME, SILVER SPIRIT, BLAZING BLACK, SKYLINE BLUE, GRAPHITE BLUE and they are too cool in fact these paint schemes have made the bike look so much more aspirational than its adventure tourer cousin. 


Scram 411 should you buy or not

Now should you buy the new Scram 411, well here’s the thing the Himalayan is a great motorcycle to have it turns out to good city riding experience and on the highway, it just gets better the scram 411 can do everything that Himalayan does and in fact in some cases it does it better the city ride. For example, the lighter curve weight and smaller wheels results in a pleasing riding experience plus the lower seat height and the revised heating triangle is bound to make a long ride.

and in case you are one of those adventure types, there’s always an option to take the bike off-road as it got the right tires right ground clearance right intent and most importantly it got the right name, in short, you get a motorcycle that is cheaper than the Himalayan but can do everything that the Himalayan does, plus with some really cool paint schemes, you are bound to turn a lot of heads so I think the Himalayan Scram 411 is perfect for someone who wants a motorcycle to be used on an everyday basis and also take it out on some weekend adventures and while doing so don’t get too intimidated like a lot of us do when we look at the body proportions of the Himalayan.

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