Jawa 42 2.1, Price, Specification, Mileage, Top speed

The Classic Legends Upgrade The Jawa 42 By Changing The Overall Visual Appeal Of The Motorcycle And It Looks Far More Premium Far More Better Built Than Before.

Jawa 42 2.1 Design specification

In styling terms there are three new colours matte black, there’s also mattered, and matte white. All three of them actually look quite nice, and they’ve also added, effectively, half a racing stripe with the 42 letterings on it as well as The word Classic Legends, the name of the company.


Nowofficially appears on the motorcycle.Talking about the changes Jawa done in the 2.1 edition that you can’t see apart from the black paint. You can also see the new alloy wheels and tubeless tires. The Jawa claimed that they made some changes to the chassis structure to make it a little stiffer and offer better handling characteristics even the front suspension preload has been adjusted reload setting has been adjusted to prevent the suspension from bottoming out while tackling speed breakers or undulations in the road. the seat felt a little bit soft and the new seat slightly wider than before, the form is firmer than before, but you need to remember if you’re going short distances, soft seats are fine but As soon as you want to travel a long-distance you may feel a little bit uncomfortable too.

Jawa 42 2.1 engine

Talking about the changes to the engine, The Jawa 42 2.1 comes with the same single cylinder 4 strokes, liquid-cooled DOHC 293cc BS6 compline engine, So what’s not changed is the gearbox,


The bottom end all of that remains the same. And what Jawa has done, basically Jawa is introduced what they call the cross-port technology, this engine is a little bit unique because it’s got a four-valve head each of the exhaust valves connects to each of the exhaust for BS6 they’ve removed the wall in the middle as it were So now the manifold is connected and the right valve, in theory, Can exhaust onto the left exhaust if it needs to What Jawa says this does, gives them more volumetric efficiency, which means the engines run better .its about 1 BHP more now the Jawa 42 2.1 engine produce 27.3 bhp and the torque is 27-newton meters.

Jawa 42 2.1 ride quality

The ride quality of Jawa 42 2.1 is not too sporty it’s not too lazy.it’s right in the middle, and it sort of responds. you can immediately be noticed that this is a much firmer motorcycle, that actually feels really really nice On broken roads, it does give you more shocks but you’ll get used to it, and it’s not something that you really complain about.

Jawa 42 2.1 Price

Jawa 42 2.1 done Lots of small updates that amount to a small difference on the motorcycle. The alloy wheels do mean that the price goes up this is about Rs 4,000 more than the base Jawa 42. The New Jawa 42 2.1 Priced At Rs.1,94,142 Lakhs Rupees At Ex-Showroom Delhi.

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