India’s sportiest bike KTM 125 DUKE on road price under 2 lakh Rupees

The all-new KTM 125 DUKE gets revised styling, the revised geometry for the chassis as well as the bolt-on subframe more or less it gets the same design as the new DUKE 200 bs6 model.

KTM 125 DUKE Design

The new KTM 125 DUKE the brand new model 2021 model that gets revised styling gets the same design as the new duke 200 bs6 model. Now it has the same chassis as well as the bolt-on subframe.


you get more room for the rider as well as decent room for the pillion, especially more room for the rider to move around better quality seats. a larger 13.5-litre steel tank really offers better tank range, revised speedo console, the same unit that we find on the duke 200, the readouts remain the same, it’s only that the unit changes, it’s a smaller unit.

You get single-channel abs on this as standard, the switchgear gets the same trademark backlit switches, and now 125 DUKE comes with the new white and orange colour you also have the black. The bike has 43mm USD forks the best part about the 125 DUKE is it gives you all the equipment that other models in the duke lineup or the Ktm lineup have on offer they never compromise in terms of equipment. KTM 125 DUKE also has the same 150-section rear tire that to a radial rear tire so but comes with better water channelling capabilities better road grip even on wet surfaces, same aluminium swingarm that offers best-in-class handling.

KTM 125 DUKE Power and Performance

Coming to the power, the KTM 125 DUKE is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled fuel-injected ba6 compliant engine, that puts out 14.5 ps of max power and 12-newton meters of max torque comes mated with the 6-speed gearbox, the orange colour trellis frame and painted in orange and the bolt-on subframe comes in black. premium 43mm USD folks from wp suspension and you have the rare mono-shock again from wp, but the press kit says that you get revised better quality suspension, the bike also gets this engine cowl or kind of an underbelly cowl and you have the catalytic converter for the b6 update.


The BS6 KTM 125 DUKE gets the same headlamp as the duke 200 the b6 model, and you have these led DRLs as well as led turn blinkers. The 125 DUKE has the same extra mesh to fend off the heat to offer better heat management, 125 DUKE comes to heat low capacity motorcycle so kind of the best of both worlds you get to experience the performance of KTM with the fuel efficiency of a regular day-to-day usage motorcycle. Talking about the mileage of 125 duke it can give you 35 to 40 kilometres of mileage per litre of petrol. 300 mm front disc that’s really good best in class again single-channel abs, you get a 230 mm rear disc so the brakes are from vibrate. we get underbelly exhaust not much of a concern and sounds really good as you will start the bike.

KTM 125 DUKE Ride Review

The KTM 125 DUKE is the most powerful 125cc bike you buy from our market currently. KTM 125 DUKE is ideal for city commutes such as this not too much-intimidating power or over-aggressive acceleration or power delivery. it has what it takes to perform those quick overtakes or quick sports that you need to get through this traffic.

The top speed of this KMT 125 DUKE is 120 kilometres per hour which makes it the best bike for young riders. Apart from that its very smooth suspension is perfectly sorted and well-damped. the power is on the very linear side, it doesn’t have that rush of blood like the duke 250 or the duke 390, 390 is way too aggressive well it’s always been the case the 200 again has been slightly toned down suppose the basics update and the revised styling that it gets now, of course, the 125 borrows the same device styling clean acceleration baby off. The mirrors are well laid out and offer a good field of view. the seat is nice and comfortable now that they have kind of given us a longer and wider seat, so a more spacious seat, so an affordable duke kind of offering decent mileage as well, KTM 125 DUKE is the perfect package that the masses might be looking at easy to maintain almost all KTM’s are easy to maintain despite being a premium offering. The 125 DUKE has a nice handlebar upright seating posture, so you won’t feel fatigued or tired after riding for hours together in this horrible city traffic. The duke125 is very lightweight that’s another major factor.

KTM 125 DUKE Price

The new KTM 125 DUKE BS6 has been launched at a price of Rs.178041 lakhs in showroom Delhi, and you can buy 125 DUKE on road for under 2 lakhs rupees which will be the best choice for those young riders who are wandering for a premium naked sportbike from the premium brand.

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