India’s most beautiful looking electric scooter Bajaj Chetak is good or bad? Price, range, warranty, top speed


Bajaj Chetak style, Specifications

The Styling of the Bajaj Chetak is Iconic. There is nothing in the Indian two-wheeler market that looks as beautiful and as elegant as this scooter. Bajaj Chetak has a lot of metal Bodywork with seamless finishing, making it a very attractive and premium option. It has a beautiful-looking led headlight at the front. Bajaj chetak comes with a wheel size of 90/90-12 inches for the front and rear.  The alloy wheels are well laid out and have a good design feel to them and the best part is the exposed rear wheel looks seamless and beautifully made so overall design wise undoubtedly this is one of the best-looking scooters. Talking about the storage, under the seat the chetak has 18 litres where you can carry the portable charger along and you can put a half-face helmet, the front glove box has 4 litres of storage and it also has a mobile phone charger hidden underneath. The tail section is also beautifully designed; it has a unique-looking integrated Led tail light along with a led indicator which gives a very premium and iconic look. Bajaj chetak has a round-shaped LCD instrument cluster that shows ample information like rage, battery info,  etc. 

Bajaj Chetak motor and Battery

Under all of this beautiful Bodywork, bajaj chetak has a 4 kilowatt hub motor and it produces a maximum of 16-newton meters at 1400rmp so which means that the Chetak is not a particularly sporty scooter but what it does is it handles brilliantly. Talking about the battery, the Bajaj Chetak comes with a 2.9-kilowatt battery and it gives a 90 kilometre range in eco mode and 80 kilometre range in sport mode on a single charge. The top speed of the Bajaj chetak scooter is 63 kilometres per hour and it took 4 hours to fully charge.

Bajaj Chetak Ride quality

The seat height of chetak is decent if your height is 5’4” or if you are tall you can comfortably ride this scooter, the handlebars are easy to reach overall it gives you a good comfortable position to be in all day long. The chetak has a nice flat lower set floorboard that it’s easier for you to ride and you have better leg room and also foot position. The seat is well stitched, made of good foam quality and has adequate space for the rider and the pillion. The weight of this chetak is 132 kgs and the weight distribution ensures that this can be ridden with ease through traffic.

The best part of this chetak is you don’t have to keep fiddling around with the modes it changes automatically once you cross the desired speed or the respective speed, so up till 40 they say it is an eco and once you go past 40,45 or go past 50 it gets into sport mode automatically. The suspension works well for our Indian road conditions, it makes the chetak an extremely sensible option for an everyday scooter, one of the major flaws that I found about the chetak is the way its charge depletes the state of charge and the range both start dropping at an incredible rate once you start riding which leads to a lot of anxiety. But the chetak comes with an energy regeneration system and it’s working well, you can feel it each time you hit the brakes. Apart from that, the chetak feels rock solid stability and great handling super balanced because of the mass centralization concept the battery is centrally placed to offer superb balance.

Bajaj Chetak Price and Warranty

The price of Bajaj chetak is 1.49 lakh rupees ex showroom, chetak comes in five different colours to choose from which are Velluto Russo ( Red), Indigo Metallic, Hazelnut and my favourite Brooklyn Black. Talking about the warranty of chetak, bajaj gives a warranty of 3 years or 50000 kms whichever comes earlier and the bajaj says  The Chetak lithium-ion battery is designed to last for 70000 kms which normally takes 7 years.

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  1. Tyres are not suitable for a macho looking scooter, chetak should work on increasing the tyres size,. See the tyres of Vespa scooter, there is very less chance of skidding, when the tyres are broad. All the other things of chetak are fine and it’s a very attractive scooter

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