Epluto 7G price lesser than petrol power scooter, its give 120km range on a single charge, Price, top speed

The prices of petrol crossing 100 rupees, considering the petrol price evs are going to be for daily commutes. Lately, there are many electric vehicles coming into the Indian market,, but there are only a few which are value for money. Now we have an electric scooter from the Hyderabad startup Pure EV and therefore the name is  EPluto 7G.

EPluto 7G Features & specification

The EPluto 7G is a classic-looking scooter and it’s available in only one variant. the EPluto 7G is available in six different colours which is Ruby Red, Shadow Black, Electron Blue, Active Grey, Pearly White and Stripling Yellow so you’ll choose which one is your favourite. The front has a round shape led headlight which gives a classical feel. Along with that there are body-mounted led drls and bulb turn indicators. then in the front has telescopic forks and a 90 by 100 section c8 zoom tire mounted on a ten-inch cast alloy wheel.


EPluto 7G gets a 180 mm disk brake in the front and has something called EBS, EBS stands for the electronic braking system, which is nothing but regenerative braking so once you apply the brakes the motor starts to regenerate power and charges your battery which makes the scooter more efficient.From the side profile as EPluto 7G seems like a classic scooter. The entire scooter weighs just 76 kgs which is extremely light and better fitted for women riders. The ground clearance is somewhere around 175 mm; you’ll easily use it within the cities; there’ll be no problem. and the batteries placed on the footboard.

In terms of storage, you get a hook to hold your bags. The is all digital, it’s a seven-segment led display five-inch multi-function, it shows the digital speed, riding modes, battery gauge, odometer and there are multiple small indicators for brake indicator, parking indicator, water indicator, motor malfunction indicator, turn indicators and therefore the beam indicator. The mirror looks really classy, they’re round and they have good visibility, definitely good for the city usage.

Pure EV EPluto 7G battery and motor 

The EPluto 7G comes with an enormous 60 volts 2.5 kW-hr lithium-ion battery along with a charger that is often a 67.2-volt 10-ampere charger. This battery isn’t a Chinese one, it’s made by pure EV in Hyderabad. you get 3 years or 40000-kilometre warranty thereon means you would like to worry about the maintenance cost of a petrol power scooter. You can charge the scooter in two ways, the primary one is from the output, and the other is that you simply can just unplug this battery and take it to your home and charge it. keep in mind there’s a procedure to unplug the battery, you’ve to turn off the mcb first and you’ll begin the battery, talking about the charging time, the epluto 7g takes roughly around four hours to fully charge. Coming to the motor, pluto 7g comes with a brushless dc hub motor and therefore the nominal power is 1.5 kilowatt whereas the height power is 2.2 kilowatt.

and therefore the motor gets a one-year warranty. the carrying capacity of the EPluto 7G is 150 kgs which is sufficient enough for daily use. The EPluto 7G offers 3 ride modes, mode 1 features a maximum speed of 35 to 40kmph depending upon the terrain, mode 2 has 45kmph to 50kmph speed and therefore the mode 3 has 60 kmph speed that’s the highest speed of the scooter. talking about the range, once you are riding it in ride mode 3 you get a variety of about 90 kilometres in ride mode 2 it’s between 100 and 110 kilometres and in ride mode 1 it’s above 120 kilometres on a full charge.

EPluto 7G Rideability

The EPluto 7G has been all right designed for the cities. The seat is very comfortable, it’s very cushiony and is wide enough for the rider also because of the pillion. The seat height is somewhere around 780 mm. I’m five-seven I can easily get both of my feet on the bottom and if you’re above five two you’ll easily ride the scooter. you’ve got ample amount of knee room so someone with a height of six feet can easily ride the scooter there’ll be no problem. The motor is extremely refined and punchy because it is electrical. The torque is instantaneous and hence the instant you pull down the throttle it responds with no lag. The motor is smooth and silent.


There’s no whining sound also once you are running the scooter at full speed which may be heard in other electric scooters. talking about the ride-ability of epluto 7g, there’s a small lag in the engagement of the motor once you release the brakes but probably this is done to mitigate any chances of an accident. The runner-up thing about an electric scooter is that there are not any vibrations; it’s smooth and silent on this one; the battery also lasts for nearly the claimed range. The brakes are superb the front gives a good bite and feedback for the rear one you cannot actually understand the feedback but the bite is amazing, which happens due to the ebs the instant the brakes have applied the facility to the motor is shut which makes it enter the regenerative mode which successively adds resistance to the motion of the rear wheel and hence makes the braking powerful and efficient.

Pure EV EPluto 7G price 

The price of the Pure EV EPluto 7G is Rs. 92,999 and this scooter gives a range of 120 kilometres on a single charge and a top speed of 60kmph is quite enough and makes EPluto 7G completely value for money. Also, the looks of pluto 7g are great and therefore the motor gives an honest range for city use I feel that this is often a reasonable e-scooter. There are a few improvements to be done.

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