Bajaj Dominar 250 Price 60000 less than KTM 250 Duke-Dominar 250 Vs 250 Duke which is the best value for the money


Bajaj Dominar 250 and KTM 250 Duke both come with the same 250cc engine, and both of the bikes are quite similar. If you are confused between the two, the Bajaj Dominar 250 Price of 60000 is less than KTM 250 Duke-Dominar 250 Vs 250 Duke which is the best value for money.

Dominar 250 have a KTM Engine 

We all know that the KTM 250 Duke has the most powerful engine in the 250cc segment, it generates 30 ps of power and 24 newton meters of torque, overall the engine is very punchy and ready for your throttle inputs. The best part is that the vibration has gone down with the bs6 update and the bike pulls really well throughout the mid-range and then goes over the top it is quick and refined. 

On the other hand, the Bajaj Dominar 250 has a slightly tweaked engine with 27 ps of power and 23.5-newton meters of torque and with that, the characteristics are very different. You won’t find that raw punch here but a smooth refined motor with linear power delivery. The Dominar is very subtle, the throttle response is good and the power is spread throughout the rev range making it a good touring companion; the revs max out at 9000 rpm which is sufficient. and if you notice the Dominar 250 has an almost similar torque figure to the 250 Duke, in fact, it is available earlier in the rev range giving it a torquey punch. The overall safer cruising speeds are similar on both motorcycles, the vibrations are down to a minimum and could only be felt at the top in the Dominar 250. However, as the Dominar is heavier the power to weight ratio of the duke is better. 

Both Bajaj Dominar and KTM duke have a six-speed gearbox, which is precise and smooth to shift, both of them offer a slipper clutch making it light as well as very smooth. The ground clearance for both motorcycles is not that great, it is still okay for Dominar to have 157 mm ground clearance as it is a sports tourer. However, the 250 Duke should actually have a slightly higher ground clearance of 185 mm as it is a naked sports motorcycle. so you know you might have the plan to take it on rough patches and off roads. 

The 250 Duke gets dual-channel abs which are switchable making it easy for the rider to just press a button and switch to super motor mode. The duke gets a 320 mm disc brake in the front and a 240 mm disc brake in the rear, both have viper callipers and are assisted by bosch abs.  The Dominar gets slightly smaller discs; it has a 300 mm rotor in the front and a 230 mm rotor in the rear, both of them get endurance callipers and dual-channel abs the abs are not switchable in the Dominar. Both bikes have slightly smaller discs, worry you because as per the power delivery, they are good enough. The only thing they slightly lack is feedback which I feel Bajaj should eliminate by upgrading to biber callipers.

Dominar comfortable than KTM 250 Duke

KTM 250 Duke gets a stiffer suspension setup and there is only one reason for its naked sports: it provides high-speed stability, cornering stability and good feedback. it’s definitely if you hit bad patches you are going to feel it but it is purely meant for having fun on the tarmac road. the seats are better in terms of a cushion than the first generation 250 Duke, however, it is still not built for comfort, it is more inclined to aggressive riding and that is why the riding triangle is also aggressive with rear-set footpegs and low set wide handlebar the posture is very commanding making the handling characteristics even better. the handle feels so light that you can change the direction with the flick of the wrist and the MRF revz which give it a good grip and good control. The story is different from the Dominar 250, 

The suspension setup is a blend of stiff and soft because it very well absorbs the bad patches and roads which you would expect from a tourer it does maintain the high-speed stability corner stability as well as offers a decent amount of feedback. overall the riding quality is better on the Dominar in fact it caters to comfortable riding ergonomics, the neutral set footpegs raised wide handlebar and a comfortable cushioned seat all add up to make it good for long rides. However, due to all this Dominar has a higher turning radius and also it gets euro grip tires which technically is not a deal-breaker because you can always upgrade the tires.  I feel Bajaj should upgrade the tyres to MRF revz for better grip and control and in fact giving it radial advantages.

The build and finish for both the motorcycles are good, they have completely different styling but both look really amazing in their genres, in fact, both have powerful led headlights led tail lights with led turn indicators and not to forget a very informative digital instrument cluster. Both the bikes are future proof as well and I feel that they are true copies of their elder siblings the duke 390 and the Dominar 400 with a smaller engine usually the major deciding factor in the Indian motorcycle market is the budget.

Dominar 250 Price less than KTM 250 Duke

If you compare the price of both bikes, the story really changes because, the Bajaj Dominar 250 price starting Rupees 1,75,002 lakh and the KTM 250 Duke price is Rupees 2,37,222 lakh ex-showroom in India, Bajaj Dominar 250 Price is 60000 lesser than KTM 250 Duke, if your budget under 2 lakhs, Baja Dominar 250 is the best value for money or if you ready to spend that much of money you could buy Dominar 400 which price at Rupees 2,23,538 lakh ex-showroom.

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