BMW G 310gs is the most affordable BMW adventure tourer that you can buy in 2022

BMW G 310gs is the most affordable adventure tourer from BMW India. The BMW G310gs comes with a traditional adv silhouette, with a sharp beak upfront and a tall stance so that you can be up on the footpegs, and take on off-road. The G310 gs design and styling from its elder GS siblings, it gets raised suspension and it has mounds for Pena’s at the back so well it’s meant to do touring and that’s what you’re supposed to do on G310 gs.


BMW G 310gs engine 

The BMW G 310gs is powered by the same engine, that is mounted on the G 310r which is a 313cc single-cylinder engine, and it was developed in collaboration with TVS Motor in India. The power figures are the same 34 bhp and 28 Newton meters of torque, but there are differences between the adv, and the street fighter G 310r. The G 310gs is an adventure touring motorcycle, so you need the power band to be slightly different, a little less nippy or a little less eager than a street fighter BMW G 310r.

The first and the 6th gear are slightly taller on the G 310gs. The tank capacity of G 310gs is 11 litres, and the bike gives you mileage around 30kmpl, which means you don’t have to stop 300km for the fuel. The G 310gs gets a 19-inch up front and a 17 at the back compared to a 17/17 set-up for the G 310r. This is a better set-up for an adventure touring motorcycle because, you will be taking it off-road and you will be standing up on the footpegs leaning slightly forwards, and expecting a lot of jerks up front and a larger wheel upfront will give you better stability. Not just the size of the wheels the tires are also different on the two motorcycles for example at the rear the G 310r gets a rounder profile compared to the GS. The 310 GS gets something wider and knobby of course for off-road sections and it gives a greater contact patch so there’s better control, while a rounder profile will give you better opportunities for more lean angles which you can expect on the G 310r.


BMW G 310gs Ride comfort

The suspension setup is quite plush there’s enough travel in the suspension telescopic folks upfront mono-shock at the back the combination is rather quite well balanced. Wide comfortable seat the riding stance is well it’s an ADV you’re sitting upright and for off-road bits, you can stand on the footpegs and it is a promising motorcycle when it comes to comfort, I would love to take this on long-distance riding.

The braking is handled by a 300 mm disc upfront a 240 at the back, and it gets dual-channel abs on both the wheels for the ADV for the G310 gs, there is a small button on the left of your handlebar and you can switch off the ABS on the rear wheel. The seat height on the G310 gs is 835 mm, if you’re 5’5” you will be fine, slightly tiptoeing but nonetheless, you will be comfortable on the bike. It weighs about 170 kilograms so handling it by pulling it out of the parking lot or well if you’re slightly losing balance and you have to lift it back up. It is a very well-proportioned bike, the weight distribution on either end is done brilliantly. In my opinion, this is a great motorcycle to get into to step into adventure riding.

BMW G310 gs price

The price of the BMW G 310gs is Rs 3,10,000.00 rupees ex-showroom. The G310 gs currently does not have a very direct competition; the other one is the KTM adventure 390, but the price tag on that motorcycle is quite higher than the G 310gs. BMW G 310gs is a promising package when you were on the highway. This motorcycle is rather. the entire package with the suspension setup and the braking and the ABS on both the wheels, this is a motorcycle that can very well allow you to get into adventure riding motorcycles. 

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