2022 Bajaj Dominar 400 is now more suited for touring, Dominar 400 all major updates


The Bajaj Dominar 400 has become a touring motorcycle in the Indian two-wheeler market. Same as there are so many accessories that you can buy from the local and online market to make Dominor 400 a true touring motorcycle.

Now in 2021 bajaj launched the 2022 bajaj Dominar 400 which has all of the accessories, which make it the most affordable touring motorcycle in India. Here are the seven major updates that have got 2022 Dominar 400.


Dominar 400 all major updates

  • 1.  Starting from the front, The first big update is the big windscreen, the 2022 bajaj Dominar 400 get a new windscreen that is tall enough to reduce the air drag which will help you reduce the fatigue on your long rides, and it has been crafted in such a way that it won’t hinder the aerodynamics of the bike.
  • 2. The second update is the knuckle guards or the handguards, the new Dominar comes with the factory-fitted knuckle guards, which will also reduce the air drag on your fingers and reduce the fatigue, in fact, they might assist at the time of the crash.
  • 3.  The third update is the navigation stay so you can easily mount your GPS or your mobile phone while going on long rides.
  • 4. The navigation stay is of no use without the fourth update, which is the USB charger so that you can charge your GPS or your phone.
  • 5. The fifth update that will increase the bike protection, the 2022 bajaj Dominar gets new leg guards and new lag guards that are thicker than the previous one and they’ll definitely keep you safe while you’re crashing, in fact, they have an additional guard to protect the radiator as well.
  • 6. Now the 2022 bajaj Dominar gets a metal engine bash plate integrated with a skid plate as a standard, as we all know Dominar 400 has got a lower ground clearance but the new metal engine bash plate will help you protect your engine from scraping while you’re doing your adventures.
  • 7. The seventh update is this good quality top rack with a backstop now while you are going with the plus one this big grab handle will come in handy as well as this backstop.
  • 8. There is one more optional update the eighth update is the saddle stay you can get your Dominar 400 accessorized with the saddle stay but you will have to pay an extra buck for it.

The rest is all the same because this motorcycle is still offered in two paint schemes with a powerful led headlight, in the front with 17-inch diamond cut alloy wheels with a 320 mm disc brake in the front and a 230 mm disc brake in the rear. The 2022 bajaj Dominar 400 is still powered by a 373cc dosc engine which is fuel injected and liquid-cooled, it generates a maximum power of 40 ps and has a peak torque of 35-newton meters in fact the instrument clusters are still the same you have a primary instrument cluster on the handlebar and the second one is mounted on the tank, I wish that bajaj would have given a Bluetooth connectivity option on this motorcycle because that would have been even better.

Dominar 400 price

Overall the new touring pack looks really great on the 2020 Dominar 400 and the  2022 bajaj Dominar 400 priced at Rupees 2,23,538  ex-showroom Delhi which is justified the 2022 Dominar 400, and I really wish bajaj bring all the updates for the upcoming 2022 bajaj Dominar 250.

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